26 June 2012

An important message from Katathani

Dear Guests,

As you may already know, an Australian guest was the tragic victim of an incident on the public street heading to Kata Noi. Our deepest sympathies are with the victim and her family. The issue was raised to a national matter and every effort was put forth by the Thailand's government to capture the assailants who were successfully apprehended.

Guest safety and security is of the utmost importance to Katathani and we address you today in order to inform you about our security measures already in place and the new additional measures being added to further enhance safety.

Standard security measures:

  • We have 23 security personnel patrolling all resort areas including five on the public road.
  • The resort has 110 CCTV cameras including eight on the public road.

New security measures:

  • Local police patrols are closely monitoring the area at frequent intervals.
  • We recommend that guests avoid carrying an exposed handbag if walking in isolated public areas of Phuket.
  • Our security patrol system has been upgraded to extend further into the public road areas near the resort.

Future security measures:

  • While we have installed a temporary night checkpoint in the public road, we are working with the local government to install a permanent security station.
  • As the incident took place in a public area, we are working with the authorities to add more public-area CCTV coverage.
  • We are adding a neighborhood watch and staff-patrol.

We assure you that our resort premises are safe. The Australian Honorary Consul also expressed his satisfaction towards our security measures. Furthermore, with these added precautions our guests may rest assured that everything possible is being done to guarantee security of public areas near the resort.

The resort stands together with our guests and their families regarding this serious matter.

Should you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us at executive@katathani.com
Katathani Resort Management